Thanks for joining us at Travel 2 Gethers! This is the spot to share travel tips, stories, and anything else travel-related. We love getting ideas for future travels from our loved-ones and hope to expand those here.

When we plan a trip, we look for some casual, fancy, and dessert places to eat. We also search for good walking areas for exercise and sightseeing spots. Obviously, we are concerned about transportation and lodging as well, but Marriott and Enterprise keep us in good hands for that.

Let us know about some of your favorite spots so we can check them out! The states are our main focus right now, but we already have our eye on the next goal of continents; we need your input to do those the right way ;). You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

And leave us a comment below 🙂

Do you have any suggestions for us?!

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