Andre’s son currently works for Enterprise, so our allegiance is tied to him for now. However, we were already big fans before he became gainfully employed with them. They typically have locations scattered about the cities we visit, so it makes our rental process quite seamless.

Like our hotel points, we gain loyalty points with Enterprise, which rewards us with free upgrades and rentals after a certain period of time, and if you have a trip coming up, you can book a car with them HERE.

We also enjoy renting vehicles for long road trips rather than putting miles on our car, which is convenient for travel issues and repairs. We’ve seen the value of that first-hand when we haven’t rented. For instance, our windshield cracked all the way across about an hour into our NYC road trip when we decided to use our own vehicle. That was the last time we did that needless to say. We’d recommend getting the Loss Damage Waiver and Roadside Assistance when renting as well for this very reason.

One thing to note about renting for road trips is the drop-off feature. While this is really helpful for one-way situations, you may notice a hefty price increase when dropping off at a new location. You can usually avoid this by renting and dropping off at airports rather than satellite locations.

Here are some of the vehicles we have driven thus far. We try to keep up the variety so we get a taste of different vehicles. That decision also led us to realize that we really like trucks, so maybe you can find your next car purchase like us, which Enterprise can help you with as well.