We use Delta for our international flights and domestic when Southwest is unavailable. We try to stick to one carrier for the points and loyalty status, but Southwest is not as diverse as Delta yet. Now, I’m not downing Delta because I love their seating process and company as a former Delta baby, but they are typically a little more expensive; therefore, for cost alone, Southwest will win out when competing in our book.

However, Delta’s entertainment app Gogo is a pretty sweet feature. It allows you to watch movies and play games for no extra charge. Make sure you download it before the fight or you will be waiting a while for it to load.

In regards to my allegiance, my mom worked for Delta for 28 years, so I grew up flying with them to locations all over the world. Since they are such a large carrier, we can always count on them to get us to faraway places. Unfortunately, Andre and I haven’t gone too far yet, but we look forward to using them more in the future.

One extraordinarily positive experience we have had with them is how they handle over-booked flights. Everyone knows that travel mishaps happen, so it is best to be prepared for some delays, maybe even an entire day. If you do plan for that, giving up your seat on Delta can pay big dividends as we have found in the past. Not only will you get booked on a later flight with lodging if needed, but they will pay you well for not flying when they have overbooked with a gift card of your choosing sent in the mail a few days later.

If you do go with Delta, you can look for credit card deals to get free luggage, which pays off over time; we do not have that ourselves, but it is a great deal if you use them a lot. All of this to say, their planes aren’t as cool looking as a Southwest plane, but they do take you across some beautiful places. You can book Delta on sites like Orbitz, or go straight to the source HERE.