Along with our fifty state goal, we are also attempting to hit the 7 continents… yes, Antarctica included! Right now, this is the order we are planning on: North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, Asia, and Antarctica. We know there is so much more to explore and we look forward to planning our second continent trip.

Andre and I completed the DNA test and found out we’re related! Just kidding 😉 Honestly though, the test was a good push for us to go beyond our fifty-state goal. His ancestors are from Ghana, and after thinking I came from German roots most of my life, it turns out that I am 70% British. Coincidentally, I taught British Literature for five years. Who knew?! Anyway, we’d like to visit our ancestor’s countries, which would help us with our continent goals as well.

I teach ESL classes as a side-gig for VIPKID, so I’d also love to make it over to Beijing to get some cultural context. Antarctica will be tough, but it’s on the list hopefully in cruise-form. The continents will take a little longer to accomplish due to travel time and finances, but we look forward to re-visiting some states in the meantime and prepping for the longer trips!

Here are some pictures from our home continent and original city, Pittsburgh, PA!