Auburn, AL


Auburn was our last and thirteenth stop on my birthday road trip of 2019, but Andre and I had been here together before. It was on our way back, and of course, I had to stop here because of my love for this little college town. I actually spent my first year and a half of college at Auburn University before I transferred to the University of Georgia.

Auburn and UGA are rivals, so I’m a bit of a house divided within myself; however, I will admit that I’ll pull for Georgia when given the chance since they gave me a degree LOL. Auburn blessed me with some wonderful friendships and a great start to my college career though. Therefore, I’m forever indebted to this sweet home in Alabama, so for old times’ sake, WAAAAAR EAGLE!

We went by some of my favorite spots while we were in town each visit, like Toomer’s Corner, Big Blue, and Amsterdam Café for some crispy sweet potato chips. I haven’t had a chance to take Andre there for game day yet, but if you can plan your visit around football season, you’ll be in for an extra treat. This past visit we stayed in Opelika at the Marriott on Grand National, which I would highly recommend for its breathtaking views and quick drive to the city-center of Auburn.