New Haven, CT

Continuing our time of reflection with our Throwback Thursday posts focused on family trips, today’s subject is New Haven, Connecticut.

We made our way up to the Yale University town for Andre’s oldest son’s college football game back in early September 2015. This was shortly after I had moved up to Pittsburgh and during the extended Labor Day weekend, so in true Travel2Gethers fashion, we made a vacation out of the long road trip. After New Haven, we drove over to Jersey City and NYC as well.

His son’s game was held at Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium, which you can see in our pictures had a cool blue field. We definitely need to make a trip back to explore the town a little more thoroughly, but the timing on that is obviously a little more up in the air these days. We are scheduled to be back up there this summer to visit Andre’s youngest son who is currently going to school in Philly, but we may need to postpone that plan depending on how quickly everything pans out with COVID.


• CASUAL: Mr. Crab Seafood & Bar, Au Chalet, Elm City Social

• DRESSY: Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant, Union League Cafe, Olives and Oil

• DESSERT: Arethusa Farm Dairy, Four Flours, Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop


• MULTI: East Rock Park

• FULL: Lighthouse Point Park

• HALF: West Rock Ridge State Park, Edgerton Park, New Haven Green


• HISTORY/ARTS: Yale University Art Gallery, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Schubert Theater, Yale Collection of Musical Instruments, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Knights of Columbus Museum, New Haven Railroad Station, Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge

• SPORTS: Yale Athletics

• ATTRACTIONS: Yale University, Chapel Street, Little Italy, College Street Music Hall, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library