Universal Orlando

We decided to take advantage of our Florida resident perks this weekend with a trip to Universal Orlando! We didn’t have time to do Universal when we went to Disney World last year, so Andre had been itching to go ever since. He finally found a free weekend to make it happen 🙂

The last time he visited was when the park opened, and I think I was too young to remember the last time I was there if ever. There are so many new attractions though, I don’t think it would really matter. We stick with Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and City Walk this visit.

Each place was better than the next, and we were so impressed at the endless options for visitors. Islands was actually my favorite, but Studios definitely seemed to be the main attraction. Outside of both parks was City Walk, which might as well be its own attraction. We bought an annual pass, so we’re planning to make a few more trips back. Hopefully, we can make it back before Halloween Horror nights end!