Sake House Beach

Sushi Tuesday, Jacksonville-style! 🍣 #Jacksonville #SakeHouse #Sushi I typically leave my food reviews to Yelp, but dang! This place was incredible. Excited to find a new sushi spot so quickly down here 🙂

WOW!!! We just moved to Jacksonville from Pittsburgh and finding a new sushi place was near the top of our exploration list. It didn’t take long because we hit it out of the park with this place!

Not only did they seat us promptly, but they brought out free apps before we even ordered our drinks. The apps consisted of a delicious soup, edamame, and a fried sushi roll. We came hungry though and ready to try out their different options, so that was not the end of it this round.

Next we ordered our roles, and we enjoy deep fried rolls, so we tried a variety of those. We also got a ginger salad, which was made with homemade dressing as well as the shrimp and jasmine fried rice. And Dang! Awesome again! This place is not messing around.

When the rolls showed up, they arrived in style with a beautifully decorated arrangement along with a bowl for our signature roll order. Each roll had a distinctly incredible taste, and it’ll be thought not to order those 5 again. Anything with cream cheese and asparagus mixed in can’t be beat for me, and the fish tasted extraordinarily fresh.

Last but certainly not least, the service was impeccable, and the price was shockingly low for how much we ordered. Before tip, we were at $60 for everything, and they even gave us $10 gift card just because. We will most certainly be coming back to use that ASAP 🙂