Hoonah, Alaska


This little town was our first stop on our Alaskan cruise and Andre’s first steps into his 50th state; therefore, it will always serve as a memorable and monumental spot for us.

Hoonah was a great place to start our Alaskan adventure with beautiful sea views in a quiet fishing town. We did not do the zip line ride, but it is supposedly the tallest or longest one in North America. The town is nestled away on its own, which leaves room for some quiet reflection and a chance to bask in the beauty of the shoreline. There aren’t any roads going in or out of the town, so you either half to fly in or come in by boat. The port we came into was Icy Strait Point.

We didn’t see any glaciers rolling into this town, which actually allowed us to see some whales. Supposedly they do not like the silt that comes off of them. If you can book a whale watching tour while you’re there, definitely take advantage of that!