British Columbia, Canada

While we explored Vancouver and Whistler the most on our trip to BC, there were some smaller towns we stopped through including a waterfall on the way to Whistler known as Shannon Falls. It is so high that you can’t get too close to fit it all in one picture. It is a quick stop off the main drag with a beautifully wooded area and small uphill hike.

We also saw a lot of the Surrey neighborhood because that is where our hotel was located. The Marriott Civi Hotel, Autograph Collection, is nestled in the heart of the Surrey City Centre, and has one of the best breakfast buffets at their in-house restaurant, Dominion Bar & Kitchen. The city itself doesn’t house anything too exceptional, but the hotel is in a developing area with a rooftop pool and floor to ceiling windows in each room with a view.

Lastly, we checked out the outlet shopping mall right next-door to the Vancouver airport, which was a surprise treat since we were able to catch the flights coming in and out right over our heads. It seemed like they were close enough to reach up and touch them. The outlet mall has quite a few upscale stores in an outdoor format and adorable architecture. It’s definitely a good place to go before catching your flight if you have some time to spare. Take a look at our Vancouver and Whistler posts for more about those BC locations!