Vancouver, British Columbia


This place is overflowing with parks and waterways. Being a port town definitely makes Vancouver a unique spot and one with many breathtaking views. We stopped here for a few days on our way to Alaska, and we actually used their port as well for our Alaskan cruise!

There is a big biking community in town, which is easy to incorporate with the many trails they have throughout. After your workout, you can find some yummy grub at the spots we recommend below, but there are thousands of options on top of these. Check out each of the top neighborhoods we mention as well for some variety.

Granville Island and Stanley Park were are favorites. Granville is across the water from downtown and houses the Public Market with multiple piers and gorgeous boats. Stanley is the size of downtown, which makes it a massive park that you can explore for days, so make sure you leave enough room in your schedule to fit that in. Happy exploring!