Salt Lake City, UT


Salt Lake is unique with its literal salt lake on the outskirts of town along with the surrounding mountains and beautiful city overlook at Ensign Peak Park. That would be our number one recommendation for this stop because you can see everything, but come prepared to hike up a steep but short incline to get those views. I would like to make a note about the lake as well; it does have a distinct smell since it only has incoming not outgoing water sources, which leads to the high salt content, 4 to 8 times higher than the ocean.

Also, Temple Square is right in the middle of downtown, and whether you are religious or not, the architecture alone is magnificent. There is a free museum next to the square and a little further down the road, you can find a lot to do in the Union Station area. If you are okay venturing to the tip of town, check out this traditional Italian Restaurant for one of the most authentic eating experiences we’ve encountered as well: Antica Sicilia.

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