Portland, OR


Portland wasn’t our favorite stop because there were assaults occurring below our hotel while we were there, which we could hear from the 14th floor. We were at the Marriott Courtyard Portland City Center, but I’d highly recommend staying on the outskirts of the city if you visit. Unfortunately, the downtown area is obviously not the safest place, so we left the city-center for most of the day.

There are some beautiful and safer spots if you drive about a ten minute perimeter outside the city. We checked out St. Johns Bridge, which is a famous and beautiful cathedral-style bridge that certainly reminded us of a church. After that, we visited the Peninsula Park Rose Garden near the Arbor Lodge neighborhood, which is north of the city. It smelled wonderful and had eye-candy for days. Another neighborhood that we’d recommend checking out is south of the city, Lake Oswego.

All of our recommendations for the city are listed below and you can find the full road trip stops HERE.