Mount Rainier, WA


Mount Rainier was a stop along the way from Seattle to Olympia and well worth the detour. In true Washington fashion, we caught up with the rain, but it was still a beautiful drive with magnificent views. We started from the North east entrance and drove through to the southwest exit.

Our goal was to catch the peak at Reflection Lakes near Paradise, but the weather was taking a toll by that point; we made it up there, but couldn’t see it through the clouds. Some of the gorgeous stops along the way though that you shouldn’t miss are Sunrise Visitor Center, Tipsoo Lake, and Box Canyon. The ancient trees tower through the clouds and most would require at least 7 people to hug its trunk.

Take your time driving through the park because it can get very steep and slippery along the way with multiple seasons occurring within minutes of one another. You can supposedly see Mount Rainier from Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle on a clear day, but you should also make time to get up close and personal with it at the park if you can for everything else it has to offer. Check out our recommendations below and other stops from the road trip HERE.