Missoula, MT


Missoula is a smaller college town with a LOT to offer. We started at the Smokejumper Visitor Center before driving downtown to the historic carousel, riverside parks, and brewery. Like most places on our road trip, we came up with a few other stops beforehand that we didn’t have time for, and those are listed below; however, the places we did make it to, we highly recommend.

First, the Smokejumper Visit Center has a free tour led by one of the actual jumpers, and they take you through their actual prep center and tiny museum before getting to the tarmac where they load up. The tour was extremely educational and takes you behind the scenes of their daily operations through the training facility, bag-making area, materials/storage, and locker room. They are quite an impressive bunch!

After the jumpers, we headed to the carousel, which was a gift to the city back-in-the-day, and it is still in pristine condition. The parks and river trails are filled with green spaces along the way while you pass by the rapids on the Clark Ford River. We finished our time there with delicious grub at Conflux, which is not only a designer paradise, but a belly treat. Missoula definitely took us by surprise. You can check out the rest of our road-trip stops from this trip in June-July 2019 HERE.