Las Vegas, NV


We decided to escape the Pittsburgh winter here in February 2017 to celebrate my 30th birthday as well as our 30th state together #30for30! While we stayed in Vegas the majority of the time, we did make our way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona as well as Farmington, New Mexico near the Four Corners Monument. If you have time while visiting Vegas, we highly recommend dedicating a day or two at least for that adventure; now, this is not to say that Vegas does not have enough to offer, but it is too close to miss a wonder of the world like the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

During your time in the city though, you can stroll the streets with endless places to go, things to see, and food to eat. Vegas is certainly unique, but may be best for an older crowd if you travel with children, especially Old Vegas. The Strip is a must for obvious reasons, and you will want to add Old Vegas to your map for zip-lining, specialty restaurants, and the pedestrian-friendly Fremont Street experience, ceiling light-show included.

Also, per a recommendation from Andre’s son, the best way to see the city lights is on a nighttime helicopter ride or as we saw from the Stratosphere while people were rappelling during our dinner. There are plenty of casinos to choose from, and you can explore the encompassing areas like the gardens in the Bellagio or the canals in the Venetian. I’m sure we will make our way back to Vegas again since they seem to have great flight deals if you can manage to hold onto your money while you’re there LOL.