Youngstown, OH

We went to Youngstown together for the first time this past weekend, but both of us had visited prior to that. I have family that lives in town and Andre had been to the skating rink a few times with his brothers. This visit was initiated by his oldest son’s flag football team. They had a few games out there that we wanted to cheer him on for, so we decided to make the short drive up from Pittsburgh.

After the games, we headed to Mill Creek Park with Tate to explore the scenic hiking areas, waterfalls, and historic landmarks. It was thankfully a warm-April day up north, so we were actually able to enjoy the outdoors. We will definitely have to make a trip back when everything is in bloom, especially for the northern point of the park, Fellow Riverside Gardens.

Some of our other tips that we researched are listed below, but let us know if we should look into anything else for our next trip up there since it is so close!