Charlotte, NC

Our most recent trip to the Queen City was one of many pass-throughs on our way home to Pittsburgh, but it also helped us add another baby onto our unofficial baby tour :). My best friend from high school lives in town and had her first little boy recently; thankfully we were able to meet him! Typically we come through Charlotte on our road-trips from Atlanta to Pittsburgh, so we’ve seen this city quite a bit. I actually considered moving there back in the day and spent a couple New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city because I love all that it has to offer.

It’s a smaller-big city if that makes sense to anyone. Charlotte has major sports teams and a wide-variety of stuff to do while still keeping a low-profile. We’ve listed our recommendations for the area below, but I’m sure we will continue to add to the list with friends in town.

The city is only a few hours from the beach and situated in the middle of the north and south on the east coast, so it has great proximity if you’re planning a multi-stop trip. If you do use it as a pass-through as we have more than anything else, make sure you spend a couple nights in town and you won’t be disappointed. The Queen City is a beauty, and our favorite area is Uptown if you’re searching for places to stay. Also, Lake Norman is only 20 miles away, so you’ll have to include that as part of your trip if you go. Let us know your favorites when you do!