Denver, CO


Our most recent visit to Denver was one of many in our history of traveling there together. This is actually one of the places we “met in the middle” while dating long-distance. My sweet college friend and her family live in town so that is cause for the visits. This time was no different. We met her little one on our unofficial baby tour and had the opportunity to make our way to Colorado Springs this time while we were in town, which is on a separate post.

Denver has so much going for it any season of the year. It is an outdoor-lover’s dream surrounded by countless hiking opportunities and snow-capped mountain views. We spent a little more time in the actual city limits this visit as well, which is a treat since their downtown parks are gems all on their own. Right outside the REI building, they even have a white water rafting practice area, which we will have to make time for on a future visit.

It is very close to other great spots like Boulder and “The Springs,” but you won’t run out of activities within the city limits. We’ve compiled a list from our multiple trips below, but I’m sure we will be adding to this on our future visits, especially since we haven’t completed the City Pass offer here yet. Please let us know if there are any must see spots for when we head back!