Houston, TX


Houston, we have a problem! J/K, not really ;). Houston was stop eight on the road trip mentioned in our Waco Birthday Trip post. We stayed downtown and had an opportunity to explore their historic homes right in the middle of the city. I’d highly recommend visiting these, especially since some of them are structures from the 1800’s. Their parks are strategically placed on the roadways going in and out of the city, which makes for some pretty spectacular skyline views.

We had a friend near town who we visited while we were there, so we didn’t get a chance to visit all of these food places. However, these are the spots we looked up prior to visiting that have some of the best reviews. We also had plenty of leftover goodies from Magnolia in Waco, so our sweet tooth didn’t get filled here either.

Before we departed though, we did make our way over to the NASA Space Center for some out of this world fun. If you plan to visit as well, my one recommendation here is to get their early, and immediately get in line for the tram tour. It is the biggest attraction offered there, so it brings back memories of Disney lines since it piles up a bit. The tram tour is totally worth it though because they take you through the operations, training, model testing center, and you even get to see a rocket the size of a football field. They were finishing up the Orion project on our visit, but unless you’re visiting before April 2019, that won’t be an option for over 50 years. Houston is a must see for sure, and these are our other recommendations for the city…