Waco, TX


This was the main event for my 2019 birthday road trip and stop number seven mentioned in our Waco Birthday Trip post! Andre likes to say we have Fixer Upper on 24/7, which is basically true LOL. Seeing Magnolia firsthand was a dream come true, and I’d highly recommend visiting even if you have no idea what I am referring to when I say Fixer Upper.

Waco is an adorable little town between Dallas and Houston with a remarkable family known as the Gaines who definitely put their mark on this town in a positive way. They started a TV show about their house renovations and turned it into a TV revolution with their town in tow. While we did not know the town prior to their influence, we were told by those who live there that they have made quite a positive impact.

Now there is a special destination in Waco known as the Silos, which features Magnolia Market and The Silos Baking Company with Magnolia Table just down the road. This is the creation of Chip and Joanna Gaines and another one of their successful fixer upper projects. You must put this on your list when you visit along with their friend’s Jimmy Don and Clint Harp who have locations nearby as well.

We took the Classic Waco Tour while we were in town, and our tour guides, Lucas and Maryee, were incredible. They started us off at Jimmy Don’s then headed over to Common Grounds for a treat, and of course we hit all of the Magnolia spots; ALICO made an appearance as well as Lover’s Leep and a twist on carpool karaoke. We were in great hands with these two, which was a wonderful introduction to the city.

A surprising spot in town for us was the Dr. Pepper museum, which we were unaware of it getting started in Waco. Our favorite non-Magnolia food spot was Torchy’s Tacos, so fit that in while you’re visiting for sure. Waco definitely earned a spot on the repeat city list, so maybe I’ll get another Joanna Gaines birthday cake next year to celebrate :).