Arlington, TX


This is Dallas Cowboy central. Arlington was stop five on the road trip mentioned in our Waco Birthday Trip post. Andre’s one request for the road trip was to take the Cowboy Stadium Tour in honor of his late-brother’s favorite team. He is die hard Steelers fan, so he had to grit his teeth when passing by pictures of Steelers defeats; however, he came out unscathed.

The stadium tour is a must if you head over that way, but it is a couple hours, which means you’ll need to dedicate some time to fit that in. They walk you all over the stadium, including some field time, but ours was only a little sliver due to dirt month in February, which is when they host rodeos, monster trucks, tractor pulls, and motocross. The tour doesn’t accept refunds, so only book if you’re pretty positive you’ll make it; we didn’t book until the day of and they had plenty of tour spots.

Even though that is where we spent the majority of our time in Arlington, the city has quite a bit to offer. With it being so close to Dallas and Ft. Worth, it’s in a great position to cater to those who want to see both. We listed our recommendations for Arlington below…