Little Rock, AR


Little Rock was stop four on the road trip mentioned in our Waco Birthday Trip post. It actually has a “Little Rock” within the city by the water downtown, but make sure you don’t walk by it like we did a few times LOL. As the history states on the picture we took of the rock that is dated 1722, it was used as a marker for the settlers because the river was fordable at that place. It is nestled amongst a pretty river walk trail and some kid-friendly parks with lit-up bridges. The area down there is hopping and definitely a good place to stay if you’re looking for hotels in the city.

We continued our visits to historical landmarks here as well in honor of Black History Month with Little Rock Central High School. You can find the history of that HERE. The school is still in tip-top condition at least from the outside, and it was neat to compare the old photos with what we saw first-hand.

Lastly, we ran across a chain known as Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken during our time here, and it did not disappoint. Andre likes to think he is a fried chicken connoisseur. Therefore, he had to put this place to the test, and they were up for the task. Since this is a chain, we will be unofficially making the rounds to the other locations on our future trips.