Oxford, MS


Oxford was the second stop of our road trip mentioned in our Waco Birthday Trip post. It’s a college town filled with an adorable square in the historic district. Ole Miss is definitely at the heart of the city, and because it is a smaller town, we felt like we were able to cover more ground here.

Since the road trip we were on was intended for Waco, TX, these stops in between did not get the full focus. We do that a lot with other places as well in order to find out where we want to spend more time. If we really enjoy a place, we will schedule a longer trip the next go-round, and have a better idea of what we want to do there when we go back. That is one of the major values we find in our quick-stop road trip locales, while also getting to explore new places and meet new people.

While we were in Oxford, we were able to eat at a delicious sushi place, which surprised both of us. Holy Crab was near our hotel and we thought it would be a quick way to fill our bellies with some good grub before venturing out. Little did we know it would turn out to be one of our favorite sushi places thus far. Also, we were able to visit the hot spots like the downtown square, which has some delicious food spots as well on our list below. But as mentioned earlier, the university is the heartbeat of their town and has a beautiful grove in the center of it, which was even awe inspiring in the winter time. I’m sure it is a sight to see in full bloom, so maybe we will have to go back again when the Dawgs are in town.