Birmingham, AL


Birmingham was our first stop on a birthday road trip to Waco, Texas. Yes, we realize that is quite a ways away, but we consider ourselves road warriors to the fullest extent. We enjoy the opportunities of road tripping, which allow us to see more spots along the way or places we may not take the time to see otherwise. Anyway, Birmingham was a short drive from Atlanta, so it was good way to ease into the trip. Most of our drives on this trip were around 3 hours; that may seem extreme to some, but it’s really short for us.

Birmingham was a bit chilly since we visited in February, so we will definitely need to make a trip back in the warmer climate to fully enjoy what it has to offer. However, it was MUCH warmer than Pittsburgh at the time, so we enjoyed that escape from the northern winter climate for sure. We found out on our visit that it is known as the “Pittsburgh of the South” due to its Steel Town history, which was a fun fact to learn as Yinzers.

While we were there, we visited Vulcan Park and saw the city from high up top the tower. It is a must see while you’re there as long as you are not scared of heights since you can see through the grate that you’re standing on; come prepared for a lot of wind! We also visited historic landmarks like 16th Street Baptist Church, which was extra special with it being Black History Month. You can find the history of that HERE. Lastly, we really enjoyed the Railroad District since it had a beautiful park with the sports center nearby and a great skyline of the city. It’ll be a treat to go back someday, hopefully in the spring or fall :).